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Web Site Design

Our designs range from simple to highly-customized depending on client preference. We emphasize attention to detail, navigation ease, and short download times. From small informational sites to complex business sites with shopping carts, database transactions, Flash animation, and video streaming, JDM Enterprises possesses the complete range of technical skills required to meet your requirements.


JDM Enterprises provides the full gamut of hosting services (shared, dedicated, colocation, and enterprise), from space and connectivity to monitoring and management, technical expertise, security, scalability, support and performance metrics, all necessary to support mission-critical Web operations.


If you're a web merchant with products, services or content to sell, JDM Enterprises will develop an e-commerce solution that's designed just for you. Our scaleable, real-time, secure payment processing solutions will get your online sales up and running quickly!

Streaming Media

Distribute your digital media around the globe with our easy-to-use streaming packages. Whether you make money by selling your media online or save money by reducing training and meeting costs, your business will become more profitable.


There are two parts to delivering high-quality streaming media over the Internet. First, you need a high-performance network like the one that JDM Enterprises provides. Second, you need high quality encoding services to convert your media into a format suitable for streaming.

JDM Enterprises has teamed up with a network of encoding specialists to convert your audio or video into any streaming format and bit-rate (see the chart below). Our encoding partners are chosen because they have the expertise and technology to convert your media into the smallest file size while maintaining the highest level of quality.

Supported Formats and Bit Rates

Windows Media, RealMedia, QuickTime, and MPEG

Bit Rates 28Kbps to 1.5Mbps
Acceptable Media
Digital Beta
Mini Disc


Search Engine Optimization

Due to the extreme competition to achieve high search engine rankings, effective Search Engine Optimization has become a highly complex technical field requiring closely held information about the inner workings of search engines and how to effectively exploit it. Yesterdays strategy of just submitting a site to search engines is no longer effective.

JDM Enterprises offers a complete range search engine optimization and submission services to ensure that your site is positioned correctly on each of the major search engines. We start by developing keywords and keyword phrases that the target audience will use when searching for the client's products and services. Next we ensure that these words and phrases are correctly represented in the meta text, alt tags, page titles, domain names, and HTML text throughout the site. We use extreme care with this process to avoid common mistakes that cause search engines to ban sites from inclusion in their databases.